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Vinny DimeVinny Dime 19 Dec 2013 02:40
in discussion The Gilded City / Roleplaying » Orphaned.

Custom Template :

Name :

Gender :

Age :

[Optional] Inherited Abstraction :

Biographies and Personalities can be kept hidden. It makes for a more spontaneous and legitimate RP.

Orphaned. by Vinny DimeVinny Dime, 19 Dec 2013 02:40

Name :

Gender :

Bio :

Personality :

Likes/Hopes :

Dislikes/Fears :

After this, you can build on it however way you want it. Extra abilities, notable features, preferred role, ETC>

Application Template! by Vinny DimeVinny Dime, 02 Dec 2013 20:58

Exactly what the summary said. I'm not sure if there is any template I can follow ATM, I'll probably edit this later if Morgan does come back.

Gilded City Characters by Vinny DimeVinny Dime, 14 Aug 2013 17:28

City Rat (Common) - Dirty vermin found throughout the lower levels of the Gilded City. Frequent candidate for test subjects.

Infected Rat (Common) - Rabid vermin found in the sewers and wastes of the Gilded City. Its bites are filled with bacteria, causing rat attack victims to be prone to infections. They group up in hordes hundreds-strong, and can overtake even the strongest man by their numbers.

Plague Rat (Unique) - Escaped test subjects of a failed biomancy experiment. A single bite from the weakest member can still put down a cow. Handle with extreme caution.

Wild Mutt (Common) - Your average mutt. Found in the poorer areas of the Gilded City, if not right out on its borders. Not much but cheap fur and meat on it, and dogs have no incentive to attack humans. Not really worth hunting, unless cleaning up the city of vermin is an actual job.

Red Wolf (Uncommon) - A she-wolf from the forests miles away. Her amber eyes evokes all sorts of emotions, and her lean form is much, much faster than that of her domesticated counterparts. A beautiful, glossy coat and the fangs from this she-beast are highly prized, but her companionship might reap you greater profits in the long run.

Gray Wolf (Uncommon) - The largest of all the modern-day wolves, this Gray Wolf has undoubtedly travelled mile upon mile for food, and by a twist of fate ended up passing by here. In the full moon, there might be a chance it will assume its lycanthrope form, and can change into a Man or Beast, depending on the incentive to do so. Huge, flawless coat, and massive fangs are always a prized possession for craftsmen and traders.

Dire Wolf (Rare) - A legend of ages past, the Dire Wolf proves itself continuing to exist even to this day. A giant monster and the number one adversary to sheperds and herders, this cunning fighter is not to be underestimated. Its sheer size and power is enough to overtake the best of fighters, and so combat with this creature will prove difficult. Pelts the length of yards and almost unrealistically large teeth will definitely sell high anywhere.

Cu Sith (Unique) - A ghastly sight of a ghost-dog that appears months before an animal or human gives birth. Before the mother becomes cumbersome, these beasts of legend will attempt to steal these pregnant beings to satiate the mythical faery children's appetite. There's little chance of swaying its purpose, and no mother would ever desire to be put into service indefinitely. Kill it to put a permanent dent in their ranks.

The Beast (Unique; Summoning Required) - The paragon of all lupine and canine forces, a massive creature from times primordial has been pulled ahead to the future at a summoner's whim. In such a state of shock, it will treat all creatures, even fellow lupines, as enemies. Be quick to slay this one; it can literally ravage entire forests and fields in a rampage. The coat and fangs left behind can be made into unholy sets of armor, definitely imbued with the primal rage of ancestors long ago.

Fox (Common) - A mischevious thief found right outside of the Gilded City. Expensive coat for fur traders, but nothing else seems to be of good use…

Arctic Fox (Rare) - A will-o-the-wisp on the winter's starry night. Flitting like the spectres of children long past, passing by the Gilded City on a full moon or the Winter Equinox. Their furs are of the highest qualities, and their bones are said to be infused with magical boons.

Kitsune (Unique) - A young girl playing out in the barley fields, a day before harvest. Her ears are that of a fox's, and her amber eyes sparkling with a vulpine curiosity. Her dialect appears to be that of an exotic vernacular, and her lengthy hair counts in nine different shades of mahogany. A beautiful sight indeed, but can such a legend be lured into returning next year?

Alright, I guess I'll start with basic animals:


Rabbit (Common) - A rabbit commonly found in and out of the Gilded City. Nimble, lean, and make good socks.

Hare (Common) - A larger cousin of the rabbit found a bit farther out of the Gilded City. Even faster than their smaller brethren, with a higher yield of resources,

Purebred Rabbit (Uncommon) - A breeder's prized rabbit on the loose! Quickly now, before it gets out of your line of sight. Lightning quick, beautiful coat, and lean meat makes this a nice catch, or a very good individual for breeders.

Strange Leporida (Unique) - What is this? A rather large being too large to be a hare, but its lean build describes it exactly so! Lengthened talons at the feet for traction, and a strong pair of front arms for grappling makes this creature all but the most queer of adversaries. Unsuitable for breeding, mottled coat, and the mutagens in this specimen isn't worth using at all, unless one finds another one of these strange mutants to breed with.

Sure, go for it!

Re: Gilded Factions by Morgan_RMorgan_R, 13 Jun 2013 02:43

Hey all, so maybe it's just me, but I think every city of note should have an assassins guild. I know it's a cliche by now, but I think I could make something worthwhile.
Do I have your approval to make one?

Re: Gilded Factions by DrakilianDrakilian, 12 Jun 2013 14:28

So it occurred to me that one way to have 'magical' creatures is to perhaps have them be 'offshoots' of original animals that, before biomancy had its laws, and I'm talking possibly centuries ago.. Creatures were used as experiments.. Somewhere along the way, the creatures, ranging from harmless to dangerous were released back into the wild and interbred with. Other animals creating 'magical species'.

These creatures, depending on how much their ancestors were exposed to magic range from possibly having abilities to just being the stuff of nightmares because the way they were experimented on depends on what they ended up Looking like/ being able to do…

It's just a thought! But it allows us to have 'magic affected fauna' without having their origins unexplained.. It can also set a standard and guidelines when thinking about creatures.. The potential here is you could have a bajillion creatures like this.. Or just select a few species of animals and have them split into separate magically affected off shoots

Hydromancy! That's what I thinking of, it was on the tip of my tongue and was driving me insane! Thank youuu! I actually really like the idea of it being a tool rather than explicit power… Perhaps it would make sense if there people who could make 'technology' that catered to a certain type of magic? Like fire, water or so on.. If that's the direction you want to head without letting fire balls be thrown willy nilly lmao

Re: Gilded Factions by machetesharkmacheteshark, 09 Jun 2013 04:46

Yeah, I'm still trying to figure out if what I've got for magic is really 'enough' magic… I guess if the core idea is that magic takes the place of technology in this world, it makes sense for it to be more about crafting and manipulating biology and things like that, versus the personal power you'd expect from a pyromancer. (As an aside, I believe that 'cryo' is cold. 'Hydro' would work, though). But I don't know if people are going to be disappointed if they can't play a mage who throws fireballs around. ;P

Re: Gilded Factions by Morgan_RMorgan_R, 09 Jun 2013 03:52

Or does "hyrd(a/o)mancer" work?

Re: Gilded Factions by Vinny DimeVinny Dime, 08 Jun 2013 16:27

From what I'm seeing, the sort of "draw to create" kind of principle of magic here might work with the more intelligent fauna, although it's going to be a fickle process…

Regarding factions, I can import an old faction that essentially serves as a spy network for the city's governing body, as well as doubling over as personal assassins and security for those who have the funds and reputation to hire them. That's if you guys are okay with that.

As for "aquamancer", I believe the correct term is "Cryomancer"

Re: Gilded Factions by RTMXRTMX, 08 Jun 2013 16:16

Glad I was on track with Biomancy then, so that's a good start. As for the Illusionists, I get where you're coming from and I was trying to think of alternatives for them, but perhaps they are better just being (for the most part) entertainers among the Gilded city.

As for other factions I had the idea some people choose to follow specific magical routes like Biomancy or Illusion. But i'll so wondering if it's not too far to deviate from your plan if some people are born with specific alignments to certain magic, and in that respect perhaps there are also other factions/guilds or schools that cater for these people… The basic concept of this idea is that, while people in general can learn a magical art, some people are born with the ability to be able to perform and master only a specific type of magic, if that was the case, it could help limit god-mod character attempts and create a diversity and equilibrium among RPers.

An example for instance could the Pyromancers School - People gifted with the natural talents of understanding fire control attend this college. Attending the school is a life-long commitment, especially if your born with the talent of fire control from the beginning. Due to it's harsh nature, perhaps the pyromancer's school and then later in life; the pyromancer's faction, means a student of this magical art tends to find themselves a part of the city's guard/police forces.

Then you might have the Aquamancer (I can't think of a particularly creative name for this one) Guild; a guild that trains it's pupils who are blessed with the natural talent of water manipulation and it's offshoots. Due to it's nature an Aquamancer tends to become part of the city defense force and so on…

Basically, if a character is born with a natural ability, they must attend the school they correlate with, but it could be worth noting that anyone can pick these magical abilities up, they just won't ever be as proficient as someone who naturally can perform them… It's sort of an avatar type scenario, but the twist is, if someone chooses to learn an art of magic, or multiple, they may be able to perform them well, but they'll sort of always sit in the middle to lower spectrum of power.. This doesn't mean they're not important, but merely that they have to settle for being an all-rounder.

I also had an idea for something like a Technomancer Faction. Since the city is a sort of hybrid of technology and magic, people who learn the art of Technomancy are able to infuse magic into items/weapons/machinery of sorts. They are the go to people when you want something to work. Perhaps the city is older than any faction in existence, but the Technomancers are able to decipher bits and pieces of the mysterious 'runes' around the Gilded City, or they are the ones who brought the city to its current technological/magic age seeing as they are able to imbue things to their will.

(Crap, I just read a few other of your posts in the other threads and I just remembered how magic is supposed to work.. so maybe my ideas won't work for separate magic factions.. perhaps less is more?)

Re: Gilded Factions by machetesharkmacheteshark, 08 Jun 2013 05:25

I'm feeling conflicted here, because I've got an idea that can explain both biomancy and clockworking, but it doesn't have anything to do with storing magic in gems or channeling it through gold. And I'm not sure I want multiple unrelated schools of magic running around (Pat Rothfuss makes it work, but I'm not Pat Rothfuss. :P)

But it's the name of the setting, the city has to be gilded! So yeah, I'm still thinking. Hmm… hmmmm…

Okay, I think I've got it. Unfortunately, the short answer is, there are no magic gems. Sorry for the bait and switch, but I think the system I'm thinking of will be more interesting than the 'gems as magic batteries' approach.

And since the answer to 'how does magic work?' is obviously fairly central to the setting, I'll write up my current thoughts ASAP.

Edit: Okay, here's my preliminary thoughts:

Re: On magic gems by Morgan_RMorgan_R, 08 Jun 2013 01:22

I was wondering about how the magic gems are used. I mean, who stores the magic inside the gems, who has access to the magic gems (is it something a peasant can purchase in a shop or is it something a peasant would have to go into the black market to purchase), can they be used by those who have never studied their usage (of course, the magic would be weak, but could they actually use it without prior training), and most importantly, how the clockpunk gets mixed in with the magic.

Does a mage need some sort of clockwork wristband thing to use the magic in the gems? can they use it, but the clockwork amplifies the power, or could they use magic gems without clockwork, but clockwork requires the gems to work (so the weapons non-mages use would be clockwork weapons with gem enchantments)?

On magic gems by AmanCYSAmanCYS, 07 Jun 2013 17:33

To be clear, at least in my original conception, gems are used to store magic and gold is used to channel it, but neither are intrinsically magical. Still, I'm very curious where you might be going with this! I hadn't imagined any other species would be using magic, in the same way that humans are the only technological species in our world… but that's not to say you can't or shouldn't do it, if you've got an idea that seems like it would fit the setting.

Factions are definitely going to be a vital part of the setting, so I like where you're going with this! And that's definitely how I imagined the role and status of biomancers to be. Not 100% sold on the idea of illusionists as secret thieves, though it's an interesting idea… I guess I was imagining them as being sought-after enough to be quite highly paid, without needing to resort to criminal activity. A few might do it for the thrill, but I'm not sure it should be institutionalized.

One thing I think is worth considering is having some cases where there are rival factions competing for the same niche. Not saying you have to create them both in that case, but if someone comes along later and has an idea for a slightly different take on The Biomancers' Institute (for example), then they should be able to set up a competing faction, as long as they explain how they fit together in the history of the city. (i.e., a group of disgruntled teachers from TBI strike out on their own, creating a new, smaller school with a different philosophy.)

Anyway, thank you for your input, and I look forward to seeing what else you come up with! Further magical off-shoots are definitely welcome. :)

Re: Gilded Factions by Morgan_RMorgan_R, 07 Jun 2013 16:13
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